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The most stunning and carefree couple Jake Pual and Julia Rose are fetching the attention of their fans and the rest of the audience after a weird announcement made by Jake’s girlfriend Julia. The couple becomes the talk of the town when Julia informed her followers of the contraband on Intercourse imposed by his boyfriend Jake Paul for his upcoming match. The 27 years brought storm on the video-sharing platform on how her band denied for physical connection for two weeks due to his following match. Get more information on this weird ban by Jake Paul on Julia Rose.

Most recently Julia Rose released her frustration on a popular Social Networking site, wherein she was singing with SZA’s ‘I Hate U’ along with a text that reads “pricey whoever advised boxers they shouldn’t intercourse two weeks earlier than the fight.” Well, this isn’t the first time when a sportsperson is smashing the headlines after sacrificing her desires. Earlier this year another sportsperson Orlando Bloom disclosed that he hadn’t been involved in any kind of physical relationship for the past six months before dating Katy Perry. There is a number of celebrities who come to attention because of the same thing.

Well, the sports activities medication specialist Dr Ian Schrier shared a post wherein he opened about up mentioned things. The post focused on if Physical intimation will affect the performance of athlete. The doctor shared that there aren’t certain evidence that intercourse reduced the stamina of effects the body of an athlete. As per on his statements he said indulging any kind of physical intimidation prior to match might affect the performance. He explains that this will happen as the person will get exhausted and weak the next day. Another thing is that it might affect the person’s mindset. The first statement has been is approved so far, however, the second one is being reviewed.

While moving back to the couple, Paul revealed that he banned intercourses with his girlfriend to determine himself for the victory. While negotiating Graham Bensinger it comes to know that abstaining from intimation is completely different for every fighter. Numerous fighter gets affected by this. Well, there are different theories on the subject wherein some are proven and some are under review by the experts, but as of now, Julia Rose isn’t happy at all with this decision of his boyfriend. Stay tuned for more information and worldwide updates.

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