The Best Movies And Shows About Multiverses

Many older Millennials first fell in love with the multiverse concept with the 90s cult-hit Fox show “Sliders.” Jerry O’Connell plays a grad student experimenting with wormholes that develops a device that allows him to “slide” to alternate universes by opening a portal, and then slide home after a pre-set amount of time. But on his first trip, he and his companions are forced to slide off-schedule to avoid a tornado and find themselves unable to get home. The timer sends them endlessly to new universes for random intervals that are usually long enough to have some sort of dramatic misadventure.

It’s a carte blanche premise for the writers, who use the multiverse concept to depict all manner of alternate histories where the U.S. never revolted against Britain, or was taken over by Russia. There’s an Old West world, a world where the “Free Love” movement of the 60s never ended, worlds where everyone has psychic powers or aliens have invaded. It’s a brilliant idea and a fun show, at least for the first two seasons. The last three years of the show, two of which hopped over to the Sci-Fi network, were still campy fun but saw a mass exodus of the cast and stale writing. By the time it ended on an abrupt cliffhanger, all but one of the original cast had left. “Sliders” was earnest, creative, and very unique as a big-network genre show in the mid-90s, and still holds a place in fans’ hearts.

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