The Best Hanukkah Movies To Watch

While Adam Sandler’s raunchy animated flick isn’t exactly an uplifting story to gather around the menorah and commemorate the holiday by, it is, in fact, one of the few Hanukkah movies in existence.

“Eight Crazy Nights” is undoubtedly not a family-friendly tale you’d want to share with the kids. It’s a depressing account of Davey Stone, a jaded Jewish man who is frankly bitter and unkind to just about everyone who passes his way. The film even starts with Davey being sentenced to community service and forced to train as a referee for a Youth Basketball League. In other words, Davey is truly an unlikeable guy, and he really doesn’t get much better throughout. But in the end, the Miracle of Hanukkah saves the day, forcing Davey to change his ways, and perform a selfless act for a kind older man.

“Eight Crazy Nights” is far from a great movie. Given its Rotten Tomatoes score, one could even call it bad. It’s filled with mindless gags, mean-spirited characters, and middle school-esque gross-out humor. But, there is some charm to be found here too. The animation is fantastic, and Sandler’s performance does shine through in Davey. Even so, considering the lack of options, this still technically counts as one of the best.

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