Sanjay Mishra’s ‘Andaman’ Movie Trailer Garners Widespread Applause

Sanjay Mishra, Rajesh Tailang and Anand Raaj starrer quarantine drama ‘Andaman’ unveiled its trailer earlier today. Helmed by debutante director Smita Singh and produced by 8 Pillar Motion Pictures, the film is set to release independently on November 20 with a unique social media campaign highlighting the covid crisis. Check out the trailer right here:

Divulging about the working experience with Sanjay Mishra and Rajesh Tailang, writer, actor and producer Anand Raaj extended a note of appreciation. He states, “One’s art is reflection of one’s inner world and both of them manifest this principle completely. They both are truly wonderful people. Their compelling performance come through their innate humanistic values. Sanjay sir is very stylish, charming and has endearing innocence. Rajesh sir’s simplicity is incredible,  he is very hardworking and serious about all aspect of film making. During the shoot he made each of his co-actors very comfortable and even stayed till the end. Both of them make a brilliant performance look so simple.”

As an independent filmmaker since film distribution is the toughest thing, Smita emphasised on the plethora of  challenges faced by the film and the unique concept of releasing this film. “This film has been made with support of lot of ordinary and unknown people. We want to take this film to maximum people. Towards that we have created our own OTT platform and are going to run an interesting social media campaign in which our audience are not only going to be viewers but also our profit partners. We are very excited and expecting a festival of joy with our audience. A film of the people, for the people and by the people,” she said.

The ever dynamic and critically acclaimed artiste Sanjay Mishra states, “No film or filmmaker is big or small. A film creates a large impact only after its making. I’m sure this film will create that spark. I have done this film to support new talent and have seen the hard work put by the director and the entire team. I really want new talent to grow because they come with fresh ideas and concept. The trailer looks really intriguing and I’m eager to see how it turns out.”

The ‘Siddharth’ fame actor Rajesh Tailang applauds their fellow colleagues and states, “As I knew the director Smita Singh and my co-actor Anand Raaj since years, I’m well aware of their enthusiasm and hard work in all terms, the way they channelise their talent is great that’s the reason I chose the film. But even if I haven’t known them, I would have worked with them after reading the script because the story is amazing and I think that everyone will like this film.”

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