Ruby O. Fee’s 10 Best Movies & TV Shows, According To IMDb

Ruby O. Fee may be a fresh face to many viewers, but the young actress already has plenty of titles under her belt, from both German and American media. Recently appearing in Netflix’s Army of Thieves, Fee has gained quite a following, making her a rising star to watch out for in coming years.

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Though she is still quite early in her career, Ruby O. Fee already has plenty of titles to choose from, which can get quite intimidating. However, Fee’s new and old fans alike need not fear, for they have the opportunity to revisit her greatest works so far, both in television and film, by taking a look at which ones are the highest-rated on the Internet Movie Database.

10 As We Were Dreaming (Rating: 6.3)

Ruby O Fee in As We Were Dreaming

Als Wir Träumten, translating to “As We Were Dreaming” in English, is a story about youthfulness and growing up in Berlin at the beginning of the 1990s, just as Germany, specifically their capital city of Berlin, was reunifying following the end of the Cold War. The film is adapted from the Clemens Meyer novel of the same name, which was published in 2006.

Joining the cast of this 2015 coming-of-age drama is Ruby O. Fee, playing the character of Sternchen. Fee’s character has a romantic subplot with a member of the main group of boys that the film follows. She occasionally is caught up in their various exploits along the way.

9 The Old Fox (Rating: 6.3)

The Old Fox

The Old Fox, otherwise known as Der Alte, is one of Germany’s longest-running television series, which began in 1977 and continues to air new episodes to this day. The show follows the story of a German police department that is being led by an older detective, though the cast and story have gone through several transformations in the nearly fifty years since the series premiered.

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Fee appeared in the fifth episode of Season 47, which premiered in the spring of 2018. Titled “In voller Absicht,” this episode involves the detectives trying to solve the case of the murder of a talent manager. Fee plays Valerie Spechter, an influencer and a friend to the victim’s family, who is present when the body is initially discovered


8 Polar (Rating: 6.3)

Ruby O Fee Polar

A Netflix original action thriller film, Polar starred Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, in what is now considered to be one of Mikkelsen’s worst English-speaking roles. Mikkelsen was joined by several other notable cast members, including Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical), Katheryn Winnick (Big Sky), and Matt Lucas (Doctor Who).

Fee portrayed the character of Sindy, an assassin working for Lucas’s character. Her role was relatively small in the film, only appearing in a handful of scenes. At the end of her arc, Sindy attempts to seduce Duncan Visla (Mikkelsen) in order for her compatriots to assassinate him but ends up losing her life in the ensuing battle.

7 Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding (Rating: 6.4)

Ruby O Fee Lindenberg!

This coming-of-age musical biopic tells the story of musician Udo Lindenberg. Jan Bülow plays the famous German drummer in this 2020 film, even re-recording some of Lindenberg’s most popular songs specifically for the film. The movie was also directed by German director Hermine Huntgeburth.

Fee plays the role of Paula in Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding. Her character is supposedly the subject of one of Lindenberg’s most famous songs, “Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria,” as depicted during the film’s events. It is a comparatively small role for the actress, but still an interesting entry in the catalog of her career.

6 Womb (Rating: 6.4)

Ruby O Fee Womb

Womb is a 2010 drama about Rebecca (Eva Green), a woman who becomes impregnated with the clone of her late boyfriend (Matt Smith). The film explores deep themes about women’s rights, sexual assault, and more, all while keeping a rather unique perspective.

This film is notable for being Ruby O. Fee’s very first credited acting role. At the age of fourteen, she portrays the childhood version of Eva Green’s character, Rebecca. This marked the beginning of a long career in film and television, which has not yet shown any sign of stopping.

5 Army Of Thieves (Rating: 6.4)

Ruby O. Korina Army Of Thieves

Netflix’s spinoff prequel to Zach Snyder’s Army of the Dead saw the character of Ludwig Deiter from the original film join an international heisting team. This group embarks on a mission that carries them all across Europe as they hunt down three historical safes that are nigh-impossible to crack.

Ruby O. Fee portrays the squad’s hacker, Korina. The character is sarcastic and, for the most part, unattached. Nevertheless, she reveals herself to have a heart of gold when she refuses to go along with Cage’s betrayal of Deiter, proving herself to be one of the bravest members of the Dead team.

4 Your Color (Rating: 6.8)

Your Story

Your Color is a 2019 drama film about a pair of young men who seek to leave behind their quiet leaves and move to Barcelona. Also known by its original name Deine Farbe, the film shows the two men, played by Jannik Schümann (Monster Hunter) and Nyamandi Adrian (Tribes of Europa) documenting their adventures, which slowly grow darker than they had initially planned.

Ruby O. Fee makes an appearance as the character Zoe, the love interest of Schümann’s character Karl and friend to Suzi, played by Maria Dragus (Mary Queen of Scots). Karl turns out to be less interested in Zoe than she is in him, causing her amount of screentime to be much less than certain other characters.

3 Tatort (Rating: 7.1)

Tatort Ruby O Fee

Tatort is a staple of German procedural television series. First premiering in 1970, the series continues to air new episodes to this day, making it the longest-running German-language TV drama of all time, with over one thousand episodes over the past fifty-one years.

As with many long-running procedurals, many actors land multiple roles on the same series. This is the case with Ruby O. Fee, who has played no less than three separate characters in different episodes of the show. She appeared first in 2013 in the episode “Happy Birthday, Sarah!” as the titular Sarah Baumbach, a role for which she won Günter Strack TV Award for Best Young Actress. Two years later, she appeared as a character named Laura Hartmann in the episode “Kartenhaus,” and finally starred as Lollo Sassen in the 2018 episode “Der kalte Fritte.”

2 Shades Of Guilt (Rating: 7.1)

Shades of Guilt Ruby O Fee

Shades of Guilt, also known as Schuld, was a German crime and legal drama that aired from 2015-2019, over the course of 3 seasons. The series follows a defense attorney that is forced to analyze and reevaluate his position under the law when it comes to defending his clients.

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Ruby O. Fee made a guest appearance in the show’s second season. In an episode entitled “Anatomie,” Fee portrays a young woman named Chiara Ebert, who is involved in a car accident. As the story unravels, it appears that there is more to this accident and those involved than initially meets the eye.

1 The Invisibles (Rating: 7.2)

The Invisibles Ruby O Fee

The Invisibles is a 2017 film depicting Germany during the Nazi rule, as the systematic genocide of the Jewish peoples was well underway. The film tells the story of four Jewish refugees hiding in Berlin through the end of the war, trying to stay alive.

Ruby O. Fee stars as Ruth Arndt, one of the four main characters seeking to survive the Nazi incursion. She survives by pretending to be a war widow, getting a job serving an NS officer. Ruth dreams of one day escaping to America, where she hopes to find a better and safer life than the one she currently leads.

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