Best Romantic Web Series of 2021

Many people’s personal lives have been impacted by the lockdown. We have not only lost loved ones to the deadly disease, but we have also faced significant challenges.

Several lockdowns have disrupted our travel plans, making it more difficult for long-distance couples to meet and spend time together. While many claim that their love has evolved as a result of the challenges they have faced, others claim that their love life has gone through a turbulent period as a result of the crisis. To divert your mind or to take things on a lighter note, there is the internet for the rescue!

Here are Some of the Best Romantic Web Series of 2021:

1. Broken But Beautiful, Season 3, Alt Balaji

Broken But Beautiful 3 tells Agastya Rao and Rumi Desai’s stories from their respective points of view. They are very distinct from each other, but in many cases, they are also very similar. Actor Sidharth Shukla’s honest acting and sincerity, as well as Sonia Rathee’s freshness, keep the audience stuck to the screen and wanting to see more. Applauding Siddharth’s outstanding performance in this series is a wonderful way to pay tribute to his soul.

2. The Married Woman, Alt Balaji and Zee5

The protagonist  Astha (Riddhi Dogra) is happy in her domesticity despite being married to an inconsiderate husband Hemant, who gets physical with her every second Saturday. Everything changes when she meets artist Peeplika Khan (Monica Dogra). Peeplika “touches her in a way no man ever has” and “makes her discover herself.”  Her quest for self-awareness, on the other hand, would come at the expense of her relationships. If you want to explore the extraordinary love story of a girl who is in search of her existence, then you should definitely watch this web series.

3. Bandish Bandits, Amazon Prime

Bandish Bandits tells the story of Radhe and Tamanna. Radhe is a prodigious singer who aspires to follow in his grandfather’s classical footsteps. Tamanna is a rising pop sensation with aspirations of becoming India’s first international pop star. This web series is just the right thing for you to watch.

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4. It Happened In Calcutta, Alt Balaji, and Zee5

The liberation of Bangladesh (1971 war) and a Cholera outbreak were discussed in this period drama about Joy’s sociopolitical life fifty-sixty years ago. All plans, however, have been thwarted due to the ongoing COVID-19 shooting uncertainty. If you are a fan of old-school romance, you should watch this series and both of its seasons.

5. Never kiss Your Best Friend, Season 2, Zee5

This series should be on your binge-watch list if you enjoy watching complicated love stories.

The screenplay for the show is written by Durjoy Datta and Sumrit, authors who have mastered the art of narrating romance.  Thankfully, the writers avoided portraying any of the characters in distress or wallowing in self-pity, which has recently become a popular trope in vanilla romance content.

Nakuul Mehta’s Sumer appears to be trying to copy Ranbir from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil for the most part, but when he deviates and does something different, he shines. Anya’s performance as Tanie is solid throughout and impressive at times.

6. Indori Ishq, MX Player

The adage “lost in translation” describes Indori Ishq. On paper, the central premise sounded intriguing – what if the tables were turned and a woman betrayed a man? What happens if the woman is a blasphemer and has an affair with her boyfriend?

Kunal Marathe (Ritwik Sahore) hails from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and is a bright young man. His life takes a turn for the worse when he falls in love with Tara (Vedika Bhandari), a classmate. After being betrayed in love twice by Tara, he turns to alcohol to help him cope with the pain of betrayal. Along the way, he meets the happy-go-lucky Mahesh (Aashay Kulkarni), Reshma (Donna Munshi), and a slew of other characters who have an impact on his life in some way. Season 2 will soon release in 2022.

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