An intense revenge drama let down by its length

Story: After the demise of a local leader in Vizag, one of his grandsons begins an internal battle with the family to earn back lost respect.

Review: No matter how rich, powerful and influential a family is; friction between the members has the power to collapse an empire. And Parampara tries to depict the same with detailed and intense characters, with directors Krishna Vijay and deserving credit for the same. No two characters show hate towards each other but everyone is aware of their true feelings, and that’s a win for this privileged family drama. However, the series also has its drawbacks, with a simple story feeling overstretched.

The powerful Veera Naidu (Murali Mohan) plays messiah in Vizag. He is soft and leans towards peace, unlike his sons Naidu (Sarath Kumar) and Mohana (Jagapathi Babu). After Veera’s death his sons inherit not just his businesses but political responsibilities too. Mohana’s son Gopi (Naveen Chandra) isn’t happy the way his father is treated after his grandfather’s demise. He begins a war to fix their status and ends up losing a lot in return.

The way the family ruptures from inside out is an interesting watch, however, the length of the episodes are a test to patience. The initial episodes in particular could’ve been shorter and tighter. Apart from Gopi’s quest for power, the series also explores a love story with Rachana (Naina Ganguly), who runs a news publication. What begins as a relationship of convenience soon turns to love and except for a particular scene on bikes, but the romantic tracks are not impressive.

As the series progresses, the love-hate bond between Naidu and Mohana is explored but too many slow motion shots make it all monotonous. The drama quotient here is high but again, the length of the episodes prove to be a hindrance. The way Gopi’s life unravels is not surprising but the intensity doesn’t remain consistent. The music could have also been better and powerful for few scenes to land as intended.

Naveen Chandra gets an interesting, lead character and he even looks stylish in a few frames. He breezes through his role. Naina Ganguly and Aakanksha Singh look gorgeous and perform well while Jagapathi Babu, Sarath Kumar, Murali Mohan are good at their roles.

The major issue with Parampara lies with the length of the series, not to mention the narrative that feels like a small story has been over stretched with numerous characters and long episodes.

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