An honest, bitter-sweet story about two sisters

Story: Sabah (Amrita Puri), is leading a content life with her husband Aamir (Nishank Verma) and son Nimoh (You Pandya) till its the day her younger sister Meher (Aisha Ahmed) returns from abroad. Why Sabah isn’t too keen on Meher staying with them and how the sisters address the insecurities forms the crux of this short.

Review: As the moment of Meher’s arrival nears, Sabah gets edgy and anxious at the thought of past events that led to her sister going away for a long time. Even after their father (Somesh Agarwal) brings Ayesha home, it’s evident that the two sisters have drifted apart for some past reason and the distance, apparently, can’t be bridged easily.

The short gains momentum when Nimoh suddenly suffers an allergy bout due to nuts in the chocolates brought by Meher, and he’s rushed to the hospital. That’s where the sisters come clean and express their reservations, fears and insecurities.

Writer-director Zoya Parvin has come up with an interesting story revolving around siblings that most people will relate to instantly. She also touches the issue of mental health but doesn’t really delve deep into it, focusing on why the sisters Sabah and Meher share a complex equation and how they bridge the divide. Anurag Kashyap keeps the dialogues simple and direct, like how siblings and their families would speak in similar circumstances.

Amrita Puri delivers a sincere performance in her portrayal of Sabah, who, being the elder sibling, always took responsibility for the family and cleaned whatever mess any of them got into. Aisha is effective as Meher, who, ridden with guilt, is apologetic for her past actions, and wants to clear all apprehensions her elder sister has. Nishank Verma, Yug Pandya and Somesh Agarwal as the girls’ Abbu play their parts as expected.

Clean is a decent watch for its narrative of a bitter-sweet story of two sisters that will resonate with most viewers.

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