A quirky comedy laced with real emotions

Story: Joymon, a nurse who works in Canada, decides to spend his thirtieth birthday with his schoolmates in Kerala. Just as they prepare the party venue, something unpleasant happens next door.

Review: It’s the season of thrillers in Mollywood and after a long time, an emotional comedy drama worth its salt is in theatres. Actor Ganapathy’s brother Chidambaram debuts as director through Janeman, a movie that offers a journey of love with kindness, vivacity and hilarity.

All that Joymon has to keep company in Canada, where he works as a nurse, is his AI assistant gadget. Nobody in Canada or Kerala has time to even chat with him, and he decides to spice up his uneventful life by celebrating his thirtieth birthday with his schoolmates, in Kerala. The movie mostly unspools the events on his birthday eve, during which something mournful happens in the same neighborhood.

This is a film that will make you both laugh and cry at the same time, offering insights into the meaning of happiness, togetherness, friendship and more. There is a lot of humanity and thoughtfulness injected into its characters and storyline, mixed with some classic jokes that will make you laugh out loud.

It shows many emotional perils of today’s adults, as the base story line is that of a young misfit, who struggles with the feeling of inadequacy and is on a frenetic quest for friendship and fun. Basil Joseph (Joymon), Ganapathy (Dr Faisal), Arjun Ashokan (Sampath), Siddharth Menon (Ratheesh), Balu Varghese (Monichan) and all the others in the cast have done a splendid job in making us believe that all the people in this tale, who share a complicated love-hate relationship, are characters whom we know well in real life. Even those who have done small characters like the cake delivery guy does his part to make us laugh. The film’s direction and scripting have made sure that even before tears roll down your cheek after watching a glum scene, you end up giggling from some random quip made by characters. It’s all woven together with a lot of quirkiness, love, fun and wit. And the ending too is quite tender and romantic.

In the first half, as the lead characters try to develop a bond transcending their differences, the movie does get a bit wearisome in places. But the hilarious surprises in the storyline make up for it all, later on. This is a movie for those who like situational comedy, real-life people and quirky connections.

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