A light-hearted crime drama with interesting plot twists

STORY: The story revolves around Manali’s richest man, Ranbir Khetan, and his wife Janhvi, who has been missing for the past seven months. While Ranbir is trying to move on in life with Avantika, Inspector Rathod discovers Janhvi’s body, making Ranbir the prime suspect. So, is he the murderer or does the story have another element to it?

REVIEW: The central premise of this web series is that Girgit, also known as a chameleon, has the ability to change colour, as do humans. All the characters—rich-brat Ranbir Khetan (Nakul Roshan Sahdev), his wife Janhvi (Taniya Kalrra), inspector Rathod (Samar Vermani), Shamoli, and Mahi (Trupti Khamkar)—are all developed in such a way that they demonstrate the different facets of human nature. On the one hand, Ranbir adores his wife, but on the other side, he also wished for her death since he was fed up with her domineering nature and addictions. A parallel story exists between Mahi and Shamoli, two Mumbai-based small-time crooks who are deeply in love. One cross-connection will bring them all together and turn their lives upside down.

Directed by Santosh Shetty and written by Mukul Srivastava, this seven-part series will keep you hooked throughout the plot’s twists and turns. Despite the fact that it is a crime thriller, the narrative has a non-serious feel to it, thanks to the quirky dialogues (by Sumrit Shahi) that steal the show.

In the beginning, the plot revolves around three parallel stories—police investigating a high-profile case of Janhvi’s missing, Ranbir’s engagement to Avantika, and small-time thieves turned lovers Shamoli and Mahi. However, a simple tale has been stretched so far that it becomes complex after a while. Additionally, the flow of this crime thriller is hampered by too many subplots and odd erotic scenes. Overall, the concept may be compelling on paper, but the execution is dreadful, and the shoddy editing (by Shlok Bhandari) feels jarring, too.

Shelly Sharma’s cinematography beautifully captures the scenic locales of Shimla and Manali. The background music by Bharatt-Saurabh is no exception, but it works well with the story.

Ranbir and Janhvi, played by Nakul Roshan Sahdev and Taniya Kalrra respectively, have remarkably identical characteristics. They both admit to being addicted to each other, and the same is conveyed to the viewers as well. Ashmita Jaggi as Avantika says that she doesn’t want to be the third wheel in Ranbir’s life, yet she is exactly that in the show.

Trupti Khamkar is a complete surprise. Her twisted persona is both innocent and vulnerable at the same time. Her unconditional love for Shamoli always brings out a personality that one can adore. Samar Vermani’s character of inspector Rathod is more about dialoguebaazi than some serious cop work.

To summarise, ‘Girgit’ is a murder mystery thriller in which various characters constantly change colours in order to achieve their malicious goals. So, if you prefer hard-hitting crime dramas, you might not enjoy this thriller, but if you’re looking for lighthearted entertainment, it’s a good one-time watch.

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