10 Best Movies Like Disney’s Encanto

Disney’s Encanto was one of the best 2021 movies that told a story about a family dynamic in a magical house. However, just like any Disney film, Encanto left viewers with a meaningful message, showcasing the importance of love and family.

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Disney made several movies that focus on familial themes. Even narrative aspects like an extraordinary house, magic, and musical numbers are apparent in many family-friendly films, but all these movies are exceptional in their own way, just like Encanto.

Frozen (2013)

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Elsa and Anna holding hands at the end of Frozen

In Frozen, Elsa accidentally brings winter to Arendelle. Anna ventures to find her older sister to break the winter spell with help from the mountaineer Kristoff, a snowman called Olaf, and a reindeer named Sven.


As one of the highest box office earning films of the Disney revival era, Frozen emulates many features and vibes of Encanto, such as the sisterly bond, magic, and themes of love and self-acceptance. This Disney movie took the world by storm by becoming one of the most popular animated films in history. In particular, the story is relatable and moving, and the music, like “Let It Go,” is catchy and appealing. Frozen won two Oscars, including Best Animated Feature, which speaks to the spectacle of this magical Disney film.

Hercules (1997)

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Hercules smirking and gesturing forward in Hercules

In Hercules, the titular character is a Greek demigod who possesses great strength but has lived among the mortals. He ventures through a series of tasks with a chance to reclaim his immortality.

Although Hercules’ power may resemble Isabela in Encanto, his determination is like Mirabel’s. Hercules is quite the Disney classic that delves into the Greek mythology of the character in a way that is easy for casual viewers to follow. Of course, people love this movie for its fast-paced storytelling, humor, and important message.

Monster House (2006)

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In Monster House, three children realize that the creepy house on their block is alive. When no one believes them, they take matters into their own hands to save the neighborhood.

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Monster House also shares the premise of an extraordinary and sentimentally valuable house like the one in Encanto, but with more horror vibes than magical. Nevertheless, this supernatural story incorporates the best of a haunted house narrative with humor and thrills that cater well to children.

Moana (2016)

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Moana Disney

Moana follows the titular character who sails the ocean to save her tribe. She ventures on a journey with a demigod, Maui, and comes across obstacles, like monstrous creatures.

Mirabel and Moana are similar, showing the grit and courage to do anything to save their family, and even their journeys are part of searching for their identity. Like Encanto, Moana also has catchy songs and even diversifies with Polynesian representation. Therefore, Moana resonates with the energy and storytelling features of Encanto, which makes it a perfect choice for those wanting similar vibes.

Tangled (2010)

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Tangled - Rapunzel With Crown

In Tangled, the beautiful golden-locked princess Rapunzel has been confined in a tower her whole life. She decides to defy her mother’s commands by escaping her room and exploring the outside world, where she meets an intriguing stranger.

This Disney princess movie is a refreshing iteration of the classic fairy tale. Like EncantoTangled also has a lot of magical flair and musical numbers with likable characters and a heartwarming story. It is a splendid delight for children who seek adventure, and the story delivers on the humor, charm, and visual aesthetics to become one of Disney’s greatest classics.

The House With A Clock In Its Walls (2018)

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The House With A Clock In Its Walls

The House with a Clock in its Walls follows a ten-year-old orphan boy, Lewis, who moves in with his Uncle Jonathan. He did not anticipate that his uncle and neighbor practice magic. When the dead are unleashed, Lewis works with his uncle to find the magical clock to send back the dead.

Eli Roth’s fantasy film parallels the significance of a magical home to Mirabel’s in Encanto and exudes the presence of mysticism in every corner. The House with a Clock in its Walls showcases different energy by featuring fantasy elements like monsters and zombies, and has enough humor and tricks up its sleeves for families to enjoy.

Sky High (2005)

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Sky High movie

Sky High shows that even superheroes have to attend superhero schools to reach their fullest potential. Will Stronghold has to meet such expectations since his superhero parents are some of the most notable in the world. However, he does not display any powers, and things grow complicated when a threat arises at the school.

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Mirabel from Encanto and Will from Sky High share a similar struggle in lacking any powers, which even become a part of their insecurities. Of course, this becomes part of their journey in which they become something more. Sky High showcases an intriguing coming-of-age perspective of superheroes in school, which is entertaining enough for children.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children follows a young boy, Jake, who uncovers an intriguing place inhabited by extraordinary children, but danger exudes in the house. Soon, Jake must unravel his peculiarity and help his new friends to face a threat.

Tim Burton’s fantasy film echoes similar story aspects of Encanto, like the mystical house and the characters with special powers. The setting has a more gothic ambiance (an important hallmark of Burton’s film) than the more vibrant and colorful visuals in Encanto. Nevertheless, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children has a beautiful aesthetic and intriguing story.

Onward (2020)

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Onward follows two elf brothers who have the chance to meet their late father for one day. However, when their spell is incomplete, Ian and Barley go on an adventure solving problems and obstacles to finish what they have started.

This Pixar film incorporates similar story features to Encanto. In particular, the film also rides on magic and myths on top of sibling bonding. However, it also brings forth an adventurous road trip (with one of the coolest Disney vehicles) to explore the familial bond. Onward exceptionally delivers on the joyful and emotional warmth of this extraordinary journey.

Coco (2017)

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In Coco, Miguel is a passionate musician who lives in a household that forbids music. Miguel crosses over to the Land of the Dead and hopes to uncover details of his family with help from a trickster, Hector.

Pixar’s Coco emulates the energy and dynamic of Encanto, including the beautiful music and the respectful portrayal of the Mexican culture. Furthermore, this incredible film addresses themes like family, death, and forgiveness. While the film is fun with humor and vibrance, the story is also deeply touching on the subject matter. Even the “Remember Me” song will have some viewers in tears, so it is not surprising that this precious gem has won Oscars, including Best Animated Feature.

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